Collaborating with other academics to serve the wider intellectual community is an integral part of responsible scholarship. Over the past five years, my service to the academic community has taken a number of forms. I have organized a symposium, worked on journals, and written monthly for
Through these activities, I have been able to use my expertise to foster vibrant, interdisciplinary conversation, encourage and aide scholars through the publication process, and welcome a worldwide online audience into my academic work.

Curriculum Design

Re-imagining the study of literature for the 21st Century

As chair of a small department, I spearheaded the redesign of the English Major at Holy Cross College. The new major is designed to make the value and applicability of studying literature explicit to students, future employers and the world beyond the classroom. This major re-imagines the study of literature for the twenty-first century world in a way that maintains the value of literature and the practices of literary criticism, while addressing the post-graduation realities students face. This new approach to the English major takes the practices of the literary critic and shows them to be a foundational way of being in the world.

Conferences, Symposia, and Talks

Nanovic Institute Symposium | The Bible, Modernity and Narrative | The University of Notre Dame

Co-Organizer &
Co-Chair for
The Bible, Narrative, and Modernity

A symposium bringing renown scholars together to discuss the mutually-shaping discourses of theology an literature in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain.

26-28 March, 2015
University of Notre Dame Conference Center

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Participant in department roundtables & workshops

As a member of the University of Notre Dame’s English Department, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a number of panel discussions and workshops.

These events typically involve either extending the conversation around Religion and Literature or mentoring junior graduate students in English, including discussing the exam process, crafting dissertation proposals, and planning for the dissertation.

Panel chair for the SLSA Conference: Postnatural

In 2013 the University of Notre Dame hosted the annual conference for the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA).

As part of this conference, I had the opportunity to chair two fabulously interesting panels and host international conference presenters.

Journal Work

Journal of Early American Literature | University of Notre Dame

Editorial Assistant for Early American Literature

Fact checking, organizing a book review database, and frequent contact with contributors allowed me to learn a great deal about the current trends in early American literary studies, while fostering relationships with scholars in a different field from my own.

Journal of Religion & literature | University of Notre Dame

Submission reviewer for Religion and Literature

Providing feedback for submissions to Religion and Literature has been a great way for me to assist other scholars in their research, helping me to become a more involved member of the discussion around religion and literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Nineteenth-Century Contexts | An Interdisciplinary Journal

Submission reviewer for Nineteenth Century Contexts

Reviewing submissions concerned with theology for Nineteenth Century Contexts is one way I have used my expertise in Victorian religion to assist other scholars in their work, while encouraging the integration of “religion and literature” with other intellectual contexts.

blogging on Christian thought, culture & apologetics

With a readership spanning 100 countries and about 1,000 views weekly, has been a fabulous way for me to bring my research to a non-academic audience. As a monthly contributor to this blog on Christian thought, culture, and apologetics, I’ve been able to consider the implications of my work on Jesus in the nineteenth century for the twenty-first century church and discuss how a variety of literary works speak to our modern concerns by reframing the glorious story of God’s work to redeem the world.

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